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Call Intercoastal Towing & Recovery of Wilmington, NC.

Intercoastal Towing offers reliable Wilmington, NC towing service and has the towing equipment capabile for any kind of tow.  Just to name a few, roadside assistance, off-road vehicle recovery, flatbed towing, heavy equipment hauling, parking lot enforcement, emergency towing, accident recovery and more? Call Intercoastal Towing & Recovery at 910-791-3736

Lock us in your phone, so that you never have to search for tow truck near me again!

We have been a towing company for nearly two decades and we have the experience and expertise to tow your vehicle safely!  Allowing you to have confidence in our towing services, the staff at Intercoastal Towing & Recovery is punctual and professional when responding to your service call. We ensure safe, secure transport and towing for all types of cars and trucks, from small light duty vehicles to large heavy duty commercial trucks.  We offer inexpensive towing service rates and are happy to deliver your car or truck to the location you designate, whether it's your driveway or an auto repair shop. All cars needing to be stored at our facility are safe because our storage facility is fenced in, wired for Audio & Video, and we have our own security on site 24-7.

You'll never feel like you're stranded or helpless when you call our Towing Wilmington, NC service. We respond fast to all calls with professional, reliable help, no matter what kind of towing or auto transport service you need.

Be Picky!

Trust me when I say that not all towing companies are the same and that you should chose wisely.  There are lots of reasons that someone might be looking for a local tow truck.  Regardless of why, choosing a tow company with lots of experience and is focused on transporting safely, is a big deal.  It is easy for a rookie driver to ruin your vehicle and it can happen in seconds.   

Perhaps your car has left you sitting on the side of the road or maybe you were just involved in an accident.  That's why our fast response time is so valuable to you.  These are the situations that we give priority to, always.  Maybe you want to transport a storage shed.  That is a towing job that needs top notch experience.  Its one of the hardest to do and damage to your shed is likely if the driver doesn't know what he is doing. 

Call (910) 791-3736 for an immediate tow!

Fast Response




Heavy Duty Towing Service

Our heavy duty wrecker is on standby and ready for fast response to tow your heavy duty commercial truck!
Heavy Wrecker Towing Service Wilmington NC

Heavy Duty Tow Truck

This beast of a truck can tow anything up to 32,000 pounds! It also has dual heavy winch lines that can pull heavy trucks out of sticky situations.

Examples of towing services that this heavy truck provides.