Accident Management After The Wreck

Our wrecker services for customers extend beyond the accident scene

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Intercoastal Towing & Recovery in Wilmington NC, goes above and beyond after the wreck!

Having us saved in your phone as a contact is beneficial to you in many ways. There are the obvious reasons, such as your car breaking down on you, moving some heavy equipment and pulling you out of the mud. Then there are some, not so obvious reasons, such as contacting us when you have been in involved in an accident.

Intercoastal Towing in Wilmington and Leland NC provides accident recovery and management as a service to the first responders but more to the point, we help the customer after the wreck. It’s not just about towing that wrecked vehicle and cleaning up the accident scene as quickly as possible. Working with a tow company that can guide you through the nitty gritty of things after the accident is very important.

Call a wrecker service that can guide you through the "after accident" process.
Intercoastal Towing will help guide you through the process after the crash

Accident scenes are an emergency and we treat them as such. The sooner you call us, the quicker we can arrive and get your vehicle towed. Most times, people wait until the first responders arrive and let them provide the tow truck. Doing so means a longer wait time at the scene and also means that you have no control over who you have to deal with after the accident.

After the accident, we store your vehicle in a locked gate that is monitored by video. Your personal belongings are safe until you can come by and get them out of your car. We also deal with insurance companies everyday and can answer questions that you might have about what to expect. We give the insurance companies access to your car, from 8am to 5pm during the week, so that they can appraise the damages. We also make the “vehicle release” process as easy for you as possible and handle those conversations with the insurance company. We are here for you. You are our customer, not the insurance company.

We can recommend a body shop that will have you in mind

Getting your vehicle fixed after the accident is a big factor. Insurance companies will strongly recommend a mechanic or body shop, but this is rarely in the best interest of the customer. We can recommend and transport your vehicle to a body shop or mechanic that you can trust. It’s best to have your vehicle repaired by someone that has you in mind, not the insurance company. A company that will do it right and for the least amount of money.

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